Music to fill your ears – words to fill your heart

My album of the year – 2013 – is Economy by John Mark McMillan.

It is just awesome. Full of noise, heart, grit, tenderness, poetry and the most interesting voice in music for some time. A combination of gravel singing in a tunnel.

loud quiet always wonderful

                        Sometimes loud and sometimes quiet – always wonderful

 This album did that amazing thing of initially disappointing. Thought it was a real mis-step. Especially the opening track Sheet of Night which initially landed on me like an album filler track mistakenly put in pole position. How wrong I was about all of it. Repeated listening lead to increasing appreciation and then on listen number 10 that magical thing happened. Everything fell into place, every note and rif seemed like perfection. We were in unison. The heard and hearer had become one.

Some albums or songs are immediately a friend for life. Others disappoint for quite a while but then something crystalises and you are best buddies from that day onwards and you won’t have a bad word said.

Economy is the follow up album to what was for me the album of the year – 2012. The Medicine was an immediate best bud. This was and is a stunning album and gave us the much covered How He Loves me. So much so that most people who know the song know it as a song sung in part in many churches and that it is a David Crowther Band song. It’s not but they do it great justice.

Couldn't believe how good this album was on first play - 100 plays later - awesome

Couldn’t believe how good this album was on first play – 100 plays later – awesome

Do buy these albums. You will bless the artist and the community that is blessed by him through further releases . Well done JMcM.