Great Video No. 1 – He has sent redemption

I would like to start the new year (Happy 2014 to you and yours) with the first of many great videos I hope to take you to as the weeks roll by. Lovely work by this church in the US. Result: Heart warmed – spirit lifted. Thank you to them and continuous thanks to Him for He has sent redemption.

Oh just a quick note on the much maligned often avoided slightly embarrassing word Repent (notice it is the word from the still capture on the video before you press play). I love it. It was the word I heard with my ears and my deepest heart on the day of my birth. It is the word that Jesus says continually to the lost. It is the word which is sweet to me each day, sometimes each hour, as I cast myself confidentally (again and again) on the mercy of God – brought near to my soul in and through the precious crucified saviour.