Lent to Maundy Thursday

Regulars know of my love of hymns. They are often anthemic – so many of them are used as sporting anthems here in the UK. Bread of Heaven – amazing hymn is like the unofficial welsh anthem throughout the rugby stadia of Wales.

They are often so poetic with a  lyrical and theological richness that is hard to match. They, like a loving adult lifting a child up so that they can see over a high wall to splendour beyond, lift you and bring you face to face with many timeless truths.

I have been listening to Page CXVI for a couple of years now and they are really quite special. They re-engineer existing hymns (re-hymn) wonderfully for the modern sensibility and they occasionally write new hymns. They seek to carry us with hymns through the rhythms of the year – Christmas, Lent, Easter etc. Check out their site through the link built into their name above and discover the beautiful origin of their curious name.

They have a new collection of re-hymns out today to mark the journey through the lenten season (starting tomorrow) up to Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday). It’s called Lent to Maundy Thursday.

Preview vid here –

You can purchase the digital download for $6.99 or the DD and CD for £9.99. (I still like CDs. I rip them onto my mp3 device but like to have the hardware gathering dust on the shelf. I probably need to stop doing this and just go digital.)

You can also STREAM THE ENTIRE RECORD HERE: https://soundcloud.com/pagecxvi/sets/lent-to-maundy-thursday

If you subscribe to them (blurb from their site) you will recieve 16 FREE* songs from the band that’s making hymns known again just for subscribing! We won’t share your information with anyone else. We promise.

*For real, they’re free.

I have subcribed to them and only receive occasional emails regarding the seasonal launch of a new set of hymns. So I feel very sound about subscribing to them.

Here is a sample of what these guys can do from a  previous collection of B sides.

Oh and there will be a Good Friday to Easter release on April 15th 2014.