Ukraine – the skinny

Urban Dictionary: what’s the skinny

a term used by people meaning what’s up or what’s goin on.

He uses the word narrative in the latter half as a way of describing an understanding or reading of the situation. But do be sure, there will be other narratives or hybrid narratives at the very least. He says western instead of eastern at 3:30 or so but his centre text pop- up indicates he meant eastern as does the context

In terms of an overview I like it and appreciate what he has done for us. We rarely get an overview on anything geo-political these days even on the better news sources whichever they may be. I’m no longer sure – I’m losing faith. Certainly it’s helpful to get an overview that goes back in time like this. Look forward to learning more, understanding more and praying more about this crisis and its disparate peoples. May God have mercy and peace, bring light and rescue to all in the region.