Being the very thing you think you are against


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Apostle Paul from his letter to the Romans

For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate – I do

The difference between Paul and these other apostles below is that Paul sees his inconsistency, his double standard, his weakness and he dispises them.

Apostle means sent one – everyone is sent – is going somewhere bringing something.

The apostles below, as they bring,

do not see their inconsistencies for they are blind,

their double standard for they believe they are the standard,

their weakness for they delight in their strength.

And they love what they think they are. And that is a problem – theirs and ours.

That is why there is little hope for them – for life around them – for life under them.

What can we say or ask of these new apostles?

Can anti-fascists be quite fascistic in their antics? I think they can.

Can anti-racists be quite racist in their antics? I think they can.

Can those who once advocated tolerance become the most intolerant of all? I think so.

Can those who were racially disrespected disrepect another race? I think they can.

Can the word phobia be used to ward off critique and investigation? I think it can.

Can those advocating free speech mean nothing of the sort? I think they can.

Can those labelled liberals be quite illiberal? I think they usually are.

Can sinful man sinfully think he is not a sinful man? I think we sinfully do.

Apostle Paul from his letter to the Romans

What a wretched man I am!

Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?

Thanks be to God – who delivers me – through Jesus Christ our Lord!

The universe began to exist – who made God

If your question or objection to this argument is Who made God? then you haven’t understood the first premise of the argument. Spot the word begins.

Try the question again and define God as at 3:48min in the video and the way theistic people do (believers in God) and see why that question is a bit on the nonsense side.

Who made God? Who made the unmade One? Oh dear ….

You might want to argue with the first premise (whatever begins to exist has a cause) and dispute it, refute it (maybe) but that requires more ex nihilo (from nothing) belief than the average theist  can muster. I truely do believe the atheist has more faith than me.

Monday Music Classic – literally

I absolutely love this album of Arvo Part’s work. Tasmin Little is a delicate giant on the violin. I have selected this piece as one of the many pieces for my fantasy funeral. The whole album is superb and I highly recommend you track down the Tasmin Little version of the album. I first came across it on cassette tape. Say what?

This particular piece is beautiful, thoughtful, steady, transcendant, and heart opening. Spiegel im Spiegel means mirror in the mirror. Deep. You will have heard this and many of the other pieces as a background on films and documentaries. You may want to find a space and listen to it quietly. Enjoy.

Reproductive rights and wrongs

I want to encourage you to read and think about this piece about public scorn and ‘acceptable’ and unacceptable reasons for the exercise of reproductive rights for women – in this case abortion.


This story is a British story but the questions it asks are universal. The writer is Trevin Wax whose blog I have followed for years. Click on his name to go to the original source.

Trevin Wax at Kingdom People

A woman in the United Kingdom faces an unplanned pregnancy that prevents her from taking the next step in her career. She makes the choice to abort.

And Great Britain erupts in judgment and anger toward the woman.

What gives?

Why the outrage toward a woman exercising her “reproductive rights?”

In this case, the woman is Josie Cunningham, a model who was given the opportunity to appear on Big Brother. Her 18-week pregnancy would keep her out of the show and stifle her career plans. So she made a choice, and when asked, explained her rationale to The Sunday Mirror:

I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now. An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.

The subsequent torrent of tweets and personal attacks toward Josie Cunningham is surprising… and sickening. Here’s why:


What’s surprising about the response is how much of the judgment is coming from self-professed pro-choice people. In other words, it’s the people who argue for a woman’s right to choose an abortion who are heaping ridicule and scorn on a woman who has done just that. A number of viewers have said they will boycott Big Brother if Cunningham is a contestant.

I don’t expect any of this outrage to translate into legal battles to make abortion less of an option, but I wonder what it tells us about the turning tide of cultural sensibilities. Is the pro-choice movement being chiseled away from the inside out? Does pro-choice now mean “abortion in extreme circumstances should be legal” rather than “abortion in any circumstance should be legal?”

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Comic Gospel – Cosmic Gospel

You don’t earn a place in heaven.

You can’t earn a place in heaven.

You can’t contribute to earning a place in heaven.

You got nothing.

You are without hope.


Unless you want to hope in the God of the great exchange.

What is the gospel? Check this out. This is it!

Brilliant Adam Ford – rapier wit and comic-smith

the greatest exchange in the history of ever


Words have meaning. Distinctions are important. We get so confused over several things – what is the Gospel? (check out Gospel in my categories) and others including evangelism.

Jared C. Wilson posts a piece on evangelism notness from Bobby Jamieson at 9Marks.

What Evangelism Isn’t

From Reaching the Lost: Evangelism, the Bible study guide from 9Marks.

Evangelism is not:

Personal testimony. Talking about what God has done in your life may encourage Christians and intrigue non-Christians. And there’s certainly a place for this in evangelism. But simply sharing about what God has done in your life isn’t necessarily evangelism. Evangelism is telling others about what Jesus Christ has done to save every sinner who will ever turn from their sin and trust in Jesus.

Social action. When we care for the poor, defend the defenseless, and work for a more just society we may commend the gospel, but we haven’t shared it. Evangelism is telling others the gospel. Contrary to the opinion of some, that can’t be done without words!

Apologetics. Defending the faith against unbelievers’ objections can lead to evangelism, but apologetics is not evangelism. Apologetics is a useful tool, but if we’re not careful it can actually distract us from evangelism, which is telling the good news about Jesus Christ.

The results of evangelism. We can share the gospel. We can’t make anyone believe it. Thinking that we haven’t evangelized unless people have been converted is a serious error that can cripple Christians with a sense of failure and guilt. But if we recognize that our job is merely to tell others the good news about Christ and call them to repent and believe, we are liberated to simply preach the gospel and pray for God to change hearts.

emphasis mine