Mentoring matters

Heard a great story recently. A story about investment and returns. About sacrifice and sweet satisfaction.

Lovely woman (my wife) encounters a familiar face close to home. They pass each other on the street. The young woman clearly recognises my wife and lovely wife is scrambling through her diary of worlds – Work? No. Church? no. Children’s activites? no. Supermarket checkouts? no. They pass but the young woman has turned and is on her way back. She wants to connect/reconnect. “Hi! …….

Turns out lovely wife had mentored this young woman through a mentors in school programme a handful of years ago. She had been having a bit of a bad time and was entered into the mentoring programme for some support. She was not in dire circumstances, more at a crossroads in life and learning.

Most often a mentor never gets to find out what happened to their mentee (real word – I promise) but this chance meeting on the High St. squared that circle. She happily remembered the mentoring support and was just about to finish her Nursing studies and practise as a Registered Nurse in the near future. Well done her. Both of them. Mentoring matters.