Text Tuesday 1 – Why We Trust the Bible?

Calling serious christians – I want to recommend this resource to you Apologetics Review

Many great resources for your mind, your faith and your fruitfulness. There’s an example below.

Before that, just to say, Dr. Darrell Bock’s presentation below is really a New Testament or gospels defense more than the whole Bible. A very accessible and thoughful scholar, I had the pleasure of hearing, chatting and eating with him in Matamata New Zealand in 2011. Matamata is very close to ‘hobbitville’ from the overated Lord of the Rings movies – controversial I know.

From Apologetics Review

On May 14th, our Reasonable Faith NYC chapter attended a presentation by Dr. Darrell Bock, of Dallas Theological Seminary on the subject, “Why We Trust the Bible.” In this wonderful audio presentation you will find these things discussed:

1. Historical Criteria applied to the Gospels to test authenticity

2. The Jesus Seminar – goals and outcomes

3. Evaluating the Extra-Biblical attestation to Jesus (Joseph, Suetonius and Tacitus – special attention to Josephus)

4. A close look at the Crucifixion story and its historicity

A really great Q & A session was held afterwards.

Here’s the Audio:

Dr. Darrell Bock’s presentation “Why We Trust the Bible”

Dr. Bock provided us with a copy of his PowerPoint slides in pdf format:

Dr. Bock’s PowerPoint slides on “Why We Trust the Bible”