Text Tuesday 2 – Ten Basic Facts About the New Testament Canon

Calling serious christians – do check out these Ten Basic Facts About the New Testament Canon that Every Christian Should Memorise below and get all the links directly at Michael Kruger over at Canon Fodder

Dr. Kruger is a very important scholar and thinker in the world of New Testament canon and textual studies. Spend any time with a thinking or reworking atheist or muslim and you will know these are real issues. A reworker is someone who hears something somewhere – usually on the internet – and just repeats it ad infinitum inspite of any clarification or counter arguments offered.

Without prior thought, the christian can be so easily and unecessarily disadvantaged and left stuttering our way through an awkward discussion – with a one way train of false understandings bearing down on you. In the world of healthcare there is a very famous piece of academic work entitled ‘Information, a Prescription Against Pain’. In the world of ‘truthcare’ the same is true. Have good information to offer to questions, assertions and false notions. Actually that’s what the Humble Donkey blog is about. Resources – a presciption against Pain.

Clicking any of the Ten below will bring you to the full treatment of that fact. Thank you Dr. Kruger.

Michael Kruger

For the last month or so, I have been working through a new series on the NT canon designed to help Christians understand ten basic facts about its origins.  This series is designed for a lay-level audience and hopefully could prove helpful in a conversation one might have with a skeptical friend.

Given that there are already four installments in this series, I thought would be helpful to have them listed all in one spot.  Thus, I will list the current installments below, and plan to update this list as the series progresses.  Also, note that the bottom left of my website has a link to all my blog series.

#1: “The New Testament Books are the Earliest Christian Writings We Possess”

#2: “Apocryphal Writings are All Written in the Second Century or Later”

#3: “The New Testament Books Are Unique Because They Are Apostolic Books”

#4: “Some NT Writers Quote Other NT Writers as Scripture”

#5: “The Four Gospels are Well Established by the End of the Second Century”

#6: “At the End of the Second Century, the Muratorian Fragment lists 22 of our 27 NT books”

#7: “Early Christians Often Used Non-Canonical Writings”

#8: “The NT Canon Was Not Decided at Nicea—Nor Any Other Church Council”

#9: “Christians Did Disagree about the Canonicity of Some NT Books”

#10 “Early Christians Believed that Canonical Books were Self-Authenticating.”

Truth is so obscured nowdays