Quotable Quotes 2

Continuing a series of quotes from books I am reading or have read. Chosen because stood out to me because of their ability to summarise or zoom in; their poetry, strength or arresting beauty. Sometimes just because they arrested me with their sheer Truthness.

Today’s quote is helpful in growing our understanding of and love for the truth of the triune nature of God. The alliterative verbs are instructive and insightful – italics in the original. Why not meditate for a while on the by, in, and through of the second sentence.

The Trinity is not an abstraction but a living, working Creator-Redeemer. God is who he is in his triune being for our salvation. We are chosen by God the Father, in Christ the Son, through God the Holy Spirit. Or, as we have already noted, salvation is administered by the Father, accomplished by the Son, and applied by the Spirit. To express the same truths in yet another way, the salvation that was planned by the Father has been procured by the Son and is now presented by the Spirit. Whatever words we use to describe it, the point is that our salvation from sin depends on a gracious cooperation within the Godhead. ( Page 21)

Our Triune God: Living in the Love of the Three-In-One Philip Ryken & Michael LeFebvre, Crossway 2011.

TriuneI wholehearted recommend this little book. It’s solid, simple yet deeply beneficial for the growing christian or the christian in need of growth.

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