Monday Music Classic – Ain’t seen nothing

I have three brothers – each special and each precious to me in special ways. I have admiration and the right kind of envy for each of them. Interesting idea – the right kind of envy. Let me firstly define the wrong kind of envy or more precisely jealousy. This is where you recognise something valuable possessed by another and you wish to have it and you wish them not to have it.

Good envy is where you spot something of value in another and you wish to emulate it or have it and would never wish for the other to be dispossessed of it. Even if it meant you could never possess it yourself. I envy my brothers in key areas in this way.

bachman-turner-21 I too frequently think of them as my older brothers (two of them at least because they are) and in that I think of myself as not just their younger brother but as their little brother, humbly walking in their impressive shadows. When I was actually a little brother and before I got arrested by The Police and Morrissey (see what I did there) I lived vicariously through the musical tastes of my very fine eldest brother. There was a celtic rock band called Horslips and an amazing album whose cover carried the perplexing picture of a pink pig flying over Battersea Power station. But the album that was a treasure to explore was the enigmatic, wonderful and at times very heavy vinyl record Not Fragile by Bachman, Turner Overdrive with their hot hit Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet played relentlessly. I am reminded a lot of my dear brothers at present for a number of reasons and I am using this Monday Music Classic slot to think fondly of my biggest bro.