Friday Frivolity – Working

August 15s Friday Frivolity post was about something that’s not working. Todays post is about something that is definitely working – kind of.

This lock works. Though the poor person’s bike is totalled.


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Top 10 Movies


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  1. The Shawshank Redemption – only watched it once – the one brutal scene has scarred me but it is an amazing story told beautifully in movie form.
  2. Aliens – The ultimate western – good guys versus bad guys in space. Have watch 20+ times. Watched it one afternoon with the curtains closed in my small home with my TV hooked up to a 5.1 speaker sound system, a gift from a bud. Had to turn it off – the surround sound at high volume was like encountering a new meance in a film that I was very familiar with – very scary.
  3. The Bourne Identity – (all the 3 Bournes are amazing – yes I know there was a fourth). I have got them on DVD. I could watch them anytime but don’t. But when they are on TV I find myself sitting down for a scene or two which usually becomes the whole movie.
  4. Twelve Angry Men – Henry Fonda gives an acting masterclass in restraint and subtlety.
  5. The Matrix – went to see this as an innocent. Had heard nothing about it. Chose it to kill some time. Scene one blew me away and never stopped for the next two hours.
  6. The Empire Strikes Back – the second sequel in my list. The whole Boba Fett thing just passes me by.
  7. Ferris Bueller’s day Off – anyone? anyone? vodoo? vodoo? economics.
  8. Batman – The Dark Knight Rises – Great dark fun.
  9. Pharlap – before there was Seabiscuit there was this Australian wonder horse.
  10. Sunset Boulevard – I am ready for my close up Mr. HumbleDonkey

Some of these are a bit fluid and could have been replaced by Manhattan Murder Mystery, Broadway Danny Rose, Hello Dolly (guilty pleasure is the term you are looking for), Gladiator, and Terminator 1 & 2.

Movies that could never have made this list or even my Top 100 – those awful continuous falling down a hill Lord of the Rings movies – in fact anything by Peter Jackson. He manages to take bloatmovies to the extreme – King Kong anyone?

Disappointing Jesus

Disappointing: a verb or an adjective

The word ‘disappointing’ can either be a verb or an adjective. If you were to use the phrase ‘Disappointing Jesus’ in a sentence about you and Jesus – would it be a verb or an adjective. (It may simply not apply). Using it as a descriptor, an adjective in regard to the subject, would mean Jesus is one whom you are disappointed with – he is one who disappoints – Jesus is a disappointment. Using it as a verb, an action word would mean that the subject, the person, is disappointing Jesus –  you are (I am) disappointing Jesus – Jesus is the one whom I am disappointing.

Is jesus disappointing you or are you disappointing him?

Matthew 11:6  Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.

All around I find that ‘Jesus’ is disappointing people – wanting too much, asking too much, expecting too much, healing too little, bailing out too little, not showing up often enough, not having people’s back when they step out, allowing them to be mocked, scorned, rejected.

Either he is disappointing or we have the wrong end of several sticks.

Expectation of money stick.

Expectation of job stick.

Expectation of health stick.

Expectation of miracle stick.

Expectation of relationships stick.

Expectation of self actualisation stick.

Expectation of death avoidance stick.

I think we need to check our expectations in at the door and get our head in the game – which is actually a war.


Hebrews 12:4 

In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.

It must be said, in this age of IS or ISIS nutters, please notice for the Christian it is always and only one’s own blood that one must be willing to shed; never the blood of another. When a christian does spill the blood of another they have no basis, no license, no warrant from their book (New Testament) or from their model (Jesus of Nazareth – crucified and risen from the dead).

Text Tuesday – those pesky scribes

Very interesting talk from Dr. Daniel B. Wallace – How badly did the scribes change the New Testament?

One of my pieces of learning over this last year is in regard to what must be believed, can be believed and how some things are to be believed – by Christians. The corollary of this is knowing what is not being believed. I want to post some simple thoughts soon on how we as Christians can impose on ourselves somethings in regard to belief that we don’t have to – but we seem to do it enthusiastically and with ill effect. It is important to note that a great many interested parties have vested interest in ensuring we fall prey to these impositions. I will hopefully get to this soon – apples and oranges will be the theme.