18 things to say about Israel & Gaza

I am at a loss to know what to say, think, trust and pray about Israel & Gaza. The issues are complex and I certainly could write an excoriating piece on Israel but that’s being done hourly somewhere, everywhere. In times of crisis and complexity I tend to also use my zoom lense to zoom out while others are only zooming in.  Disproportionality is a word we hear each day. And that is a driver for this post. Because disproportionality of a particular kind I will say 18 things and then ask you for your thoughts about this video. Is it the real thing? Does it matter at all?

  1. all loss of human life is deeply tragic
  2. in the middle east there appears to be very few good guys
  3. the line between civilian and fighter seems blurred
  4. Israel & Hamas are both agressing – at war with each other
  5. Israel is winning militarily – in some kind of way
  6. Hamas is winning the media war – in every kind of way
  7. the streets now hate Israel unreservedly
  8. the streets now think about Hamas uncritically
  9. everyone is asking questions about Israel’s disproprotionate response to Hamas
  10. no one seems to be asking if the Israelis have a basic point at all
  11. does Hamas dig tunnels to transport weaponry? (or maybe it’s food)
  12. does Hamas fire rockets? into Israel? from residential areas? with schools and hospitals?
  13. that would render Hamas with some culpability for the death of innocents – wouldn’t it?
  14. it seems Israel’s sins are front and centre for all to see – they should be.
  15. it seems Hamas’ sins get a passing glance, a nod and maybe even a wink.
  16. what hope can there be when both sides are long gamers and the ‘other side’ doesn’t figure much in their version of the road ahead?
  17. this isn’t based on equal disdain; as one side has gone on record as preferring the complete annihilation of the other – not because they agress but because they exist.
  18.  I don’t know the answers to those Hamas’ questions. I just notice that not many people are asking them and when asked, they are not addressed seriously. That’s worrying. The residential area question in particular seems very important. And if there is anything to it – it should paint Hamas in a very poor light indeed. It would mean that Hamas are mercilessly in it for the long game. Their people – the ordinary Gazans – are mere fodder – collateral damage in their long game of ideology, identity and idiocy. May the God of all the world have mercy.