Music on a monday

Dear, dear Humbledonkey readers – sorry for taking so long to get back in the game and for the December false start –  I actually thought I had cancelled both of those random posts.

Here’s why I have been away:

My Dad passed away in October 2014 and all my energies since have gone on the daily/weekly task of living and surviving, working and being. Bereavement is the funniest thing. Even on your best days, you only have access to so much mental energy. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Blogging requires an abundance of mental energy.

Here’s why I am back.

I like blogging, it helps me get a handle of my own thoughts. And I missed  it. I also have a little more mental energy available – not a lot. It’s a bit risky, certainly, but hey what’s the worst that can happen?

So let’s start with some music that is timely and timeless. Timely in that it is a tune to the New Year’s anthem, Auld Lang Syne but these new words by Dunstin Kensrue speak of the timeless eternal Son of the Eternal Father, who created time, entered time, submitted to it, lived, died and rose triumphant o’er the grave and time itself and now lives forever more – the first of a new generation. The resurrected ones.

Enjoy the music, thanks for the warm thoughts and have a good day. More again tomorrow.