Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday

Wife and Husband

Wife and husband touching base

– winter gloves and hats, in new place –

“how’s this system working out for you?”

within top drawer by the front door blue.

“Quite good  –  but could – it not be refined?

for there is a flaw within”

“Really?” comes reply with ear inclined.

“Do you not find hats and gloves snug there in?”

“Yes but only if they’re placed in there.

And that’s the weakness of your system new”

“Do explain oh special one! – eyes now rolling to a stare”

Excited, barely hesitates he – to share his crazy view –

“When Tony Stark the Iron Man lands

on the roof of his building in that Avengers band

and machines pop up, take gloves and hat.

and keeps them ready for his exit that –

will later happen when he springs to leave –

the gloves and hat are sure to cleave”

“Stop!! I’ve no idea of what you speak!”

Husband patiently repeats.

“Oh I see now”, the lightbulb glows

there is a flaw and now she knows –

“sadly, it depends on husband placing true,

the gloves and hat by the front door blue”

You are so special, my husband sure -“

says wife with warmth and heart so pure.

husband says “thank you so much -”

and extends gloved hand – for her tender touch.

Original poem by Humble Donkey. Inspired by a true conversation.

May be reproduced electronically for non-commercial purposes with a link to this blog post.