Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday – I Turn the Tap


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I turn a tap

I turn the tap

The water flows

And I am happy.


I bear down

The bowels give

And I am happy.


I spy the passport between two books

I may come and go

And I am happy.


I sit within as rain falls down

And my roof it shields me.

And I am happy still.


I sink below nights sea of sleep

In the place I long know as home.

And I am happy.


I know a man who has no clean water,

I know a man with the blocking cancer.

Another no passport,

Another no roof,

Another no stable home

And I am unhappy.


Appreciate the happiness that great riches afford.

Water running, bowels flowing,

roofs for drying and passports for going.

A home for living.

I turn the tap, the water flows.


Original poem by Humble Donkey. This poem may be reproduced electronically for non commercial purposes, without express permission and with a link to this blog post.