Friday Frivolity – Working

August 15s Friday Frivolity post was about something that’s not working. Todays post is about something that is definitely working – kind of.

This lock works. Though the poor person’s bike is totalled.


humbledonkey original image – feel free to use

Friday Frivolity

Bought this DVD on it’s release (2002) – a region 1 version. Suspect I was the only one in the UK to do so. Region 1 DVDs do not play here (ordinarily) – that’s the US region. We are Region 2. Too much information. I have a great interest in comedy and it’s composition and ultimately its secret … timing. (perfect).

This trailer is for Jerry Seinfeld’s post retirement of material return to stand up journey. You have to watch it for it to make sense. Hal Douglas as the hapless voiceover man is wonderful. A renegade cop …..


Repeated viewing never fails to deliver.

Seinfeld Comedian

Music Monday gives way to Classic Comedy

Music Monday is resting this week on a pre-easter break.

Thought I’d bring some truly classic comedy your way. Laurel & Hardy for some maybe, but it was Abbott & Costello for me.

Worth watching the whole thing. The deepening circles of confusion are hilarious and boy were these two masters of this routine.

More Muppet lookalikes

I have a thing about lookalikes (or look-a-likies which is the UK plural). Always have. I also have subcategories like remind-a-likies (where there is just something about them that points to another person or sometimes an animal – in fact Ron Swanson below crosses a number of categories as he also reminds us of a cat – yes?). So neither of these two fine looking gents points towards a particular muppet as such, but more to the muppet family as a collective. Good for them. See my previous two mupp-a-likes here.



if you want to source image click it



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People blessed enough to resemble muppets

Always been a fan of The Muppets. Considered myself a Fozzy Bear type character growing up. Others unfortunately considered me more of a Gonzo type which was fine but come on – Fozzzzzy Bear! By the way I would never want Ciaran or Liam to be offended by this. Muppet is a good look.

Trial and Retribution actor Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds

Channel 4 weather man Kermit – I mean Liam Dutton


Pet peaves of the ‘acting’ kind

Actors who so often just seem to play themselves and therefore can’t be taken too seriously – no offense!

Whoopi Goldberg – cannot watch for longer than 10 seconds – I’m exaggerating by 8 seconds (does that mean I can watch her for 2 or 18 ? – you decide).

Michael Caine – but getting better as he gets older

Harrison Ford – definitely getting worse as he gets older

Jack Nicholson – possibly the worst culprit – hope I don’t get into trouble with the cool kids for saying this

Steven Seaga …. oh I can’t be bothered

The Four Horsemeats of the Apocalypse


You may have heard about the horsemeat scandal in the UK and to a lesser extent in Ireland a little over a year ago. It was actually picked up in Ireland because their scrutiny of meat is more substantive.

It was a jolly scare where it transpired that the great british public (that’s a phrase over here) had been unknowingly consuming the meat of the horse for some time. The real scandal is the ‘unknowlingly’ bit. The british have eaten some horse in the past but generally don’t. It’s just not done here. We do kill and slaughter horses and sell into the european horse meat trade which is a huge industry. But until recently our supermarkets (for that is where the problem arose) could proudly claim to be horse free.

While over in Europe (the british, though certainly part of the european union, often refer to everyone else in Europe as european, as if they themselves were not) horse meat is eaten at a galloping pace (1). That’s right – the horse puns have started and they’re off (no. 2). I myself have tasted of the running beast many times – knowingly – while in Europe. It tasted rather nice. I have had it from the smoked meats section of the supermarche and sometimes it comes with a sticker with an image of a horse on it. Delightful. The upfrontness of it all. That’s as it should be. You want horse? – we got it – it’s over there in aisle 3 – it’s the one marked horse. By the way the beef is the one marked beef. Only european vegans object to any of this.

So we had a bit of scandal here and public confidence in the meat industry has been dealt a blow. Apparently meat consumption of all kinds is down. I wonder what people are substituting their meat needs with. Not more celery – pleeease no. However every cloud has a silver lining and I think the some of the advertising (parodies of course) and images posted on the internet as a consequence were exceptionally witty and welcome. Here’s a sample.

A tribute to our No. 1 supermarket and prime culprit

so hungry

A household brand specialising in ready to cook, highly processed food products

Findus - pronounced  'fin- dus' was a major user of the equine delight

Findus – pronounced ‘fin- dus’ was a major user of the equine delight

The artists had a field day – this is a Banksy inspired piece.


And my personal favourite – I hate those self service checkouts – always a problem – always need to call the staff – this would probably be the worst thing that could happen.


The high street butcher sees an opportunity to stick to the supermarket giants who threaten his livelihood on any given day of the week.

butcher has no horse

I love lasagne but will probably only trust homemade for the next few years. Shergar (top right of the Findus box) was a world famous race horse which was stolen by masked gunmen in Ireland in 1983. Many were questioned at the time. No one even thought to question the supermarkets. If only they knew then what we know now.

Findus horse lasagne

Christian Philosopher & Professor Doug Groothuis owns a supermarket chain in Ireland! Read All About It!

On a recent visit to the beautiful land in Western Europe closest to the USA east coast, Ireland; I frequently came across an ad for a european supermarket which caused me continual double takes each time I saw it. The ad, among a series of ads, for ‘Love Ireland Like Aldi’ (and why wouldn’t you? – Love Ireland – that is) feature more than a passing resemblance to the jacket of a book I have been slowly making my way through.


on arrival in Dublin’s fair city ……..

It’s the well written and helpful big book by Christian Professor and Philosopher Douglas Groothuis (pronounced grote-hyce apparently). I bought the book mid way through 2013 and have got through almost half of it. It’s good. Very good. Let me just say I am no academic by any stretch of the imagination but as time goes by, I am beginning to know exactly what I don’t know. Previously I knew I knew next to nothing but increasingly I know what the nothing, I know nothing about, is. I could have written that more simply but I enjoyed the ‘word-mess’ too much. For those still reeling, here’s what I mean. In the past, I didn’t know enough of anything and didn’t even know what kind of things I didn’t know but with increasing knowledge I now have a better sense of all the areas that can be known but that I do not know. That’s much simpler I am sure you will agree (perhaps not). I’m in a bit of a silly mood today. Recovering from a bug – maybe still slightly feverish.

All the jumble about knowing and not knowing above is simply to say that when I say a book is good or very good I am usually saying it is helpful to me. Books that I read and consider helpfully good tend to do a number of things. They stretch me with new knowledge, give my current level of knowledge a work out, and confirm my knowledge as being fairly on track with another body of knowledge. Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith is all of these things for me at this stage. It’s enlightening me, improving the rigour of my current thoughts and generally encouraging me with the warm glow of shared orthodoxy. That’s a warm glow not a pompous glow. There is a difference. More on pomposity in another blog post.

It is a delight to see a christian take his not inconsiderable brain and apply it to the work of looking at the philosophical ‘legs’ which support the christian faith and in fact demand faith in it, and do it all so reasonably. Groothuis brings an overarching sense of reasonableness to the whole affair and that spoke to me.

Doug Groothius 1

It also highlights how important and adventurous it can be to engage with other perspectives who approach their task of (counter) apologetic (defense) or even polemic (attack) in a reasonable manner.

I will, I’m sure, revisit you with some further thoughts from the book but suffice it to say it is a ‘good read and keep’ reference book as part of your library. (You are building a little library I hope? Let’s talk again about this.) The book is available from Amazon UK, Amazon Us or the Book Depository – shipping free from the UK all around the world. I got it at the bargain price of 15 english pounds. Cheap for a hardback reference book by an academic weighing in at 752 pages. I love a bargain. Oh dear just feeling hungry.  Maybe I should head down to Doug’s supermarket and get some bread and treats in. Well done brother and thanks you for your labours. Doug blogs intermittently, relative to some others I frequent, over at The Constructive Curmudgeon. He is straight talking, you may not always agree with him, he is experienced and therefore has a perspective that is not soaked with naivety. He is political with a big P. He loves Jazz and is quite spiritual about it. But most of all he is a fellow labourer in the fields of the Lord. Hope his next book jacket gets hijacked by another supermarket. Look forward to seeing it while driving by – anywhere in the world.