There was another John Locke – you know!?


John Locke 1632 – 1704                                                                        Image source – click image

I think I have heard that somewhere before. Oh yes – Jesus the Saviour King.

Words of Jesus of Nazareth (0 – 33 AD approx and now alive for evermore)

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Luke 6:45

I’m a bit lost without LOST


I’m a bit lost without LOST (drumbeat …. word ‘LOST’ moves slowly – swirling diagonally across the screen). Had the opportunity and joy of discovering a number of new friends from overseas had watched Lost (the greatest TV show ever – no arguments please). I was happy and intrigued. Some had wacthed all of it (further intrigue and excitement). Just one loved the whole thing (joy of joys! – for the love of it – not the just one-ness). Time was in short supply and only allowed a few grabbed quick fire chats about the epic that is the John Locke journey towards a kind of enlightenment (which John? I hear the initiated ask); the Kate and Jack epic love story; the Jack and Christian (his Dad) relationship with all its brokenness and healing; the Sawyer defeating his personal demons and finding love with the (hate her, hate her, hate her oh actually we now love her) Juliet story. And so much more. For sci-fi, drama, love story, big story, philosophy, religion, action, mystery, compelling back stories, time travel (past, future and sideways – yes sideways) – there has never been anything like it.

You’ve guessed it – I am a major fan and it was lovely to meet another major fan. My favourite character was and is John Locke. He was just amazing. His journey was truely awesome. His vulnerability and dogged faith were inspirational. His character was so well written. So well acted. And no one can smirk, wear stubble or throw a knife like our John.

Ok. I am going to stop now. I am getting quite carried away.

the pain, the despair, the searching, the intrigue, the hope

the pain, the despair, the searching, the intrigue, the hope