Why am I here?

Here being the blogosphere. I have taken up this spot in the blogosphere to be a pointer, a director. Ever more aware of the need for nourishment, stimulation and challenge in myself and others, I am here to put some nourishment, stimulation, challenge and encouragement in your path.

I will provide only a little in terms of original thought. I am a humble donkey after all. I will offer the thoughts of others – serious and humorous, factual and frivolous which I hope will cause you to treasure Life more and more.

I have intentionally not made the blog interactive – comments are not activated for now. But if you would like to have some communication with me I can be reached at dearhumbledonkey@gmail.com

The story of the Humble Donkey may be something I should share in time. But for now let’s get on with the nourishment.