Donkey Returns

I have returned. I hope I can stay.

Made an attempt to return over a year ago and like many an alcoholic at AA it didn’t stick. However, a major issue at that time was a lack of inspiration. You’d be surprised how stimulated and inspired you have to be to produce mediocre stuff. My admiration to proper writers, poets, artists has only increased.

So now fully stimulated (ish) and with a lovely new laptop, what can possibly go wrong. The world  has changed, is changing and will change. So lots to notice.

Don’t know how often I will post but will aim low and exceed all my expectations which I expect to keep low. See what I did there.

I will as always mostly point you toward other people’s stuff with occasional outbreaks directly from the donkey. Humbly offered to the reader.

From The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable by Stephen D. Boyer & Christopher A. Hall  Baker Academic 2012  Page 121

God is not just tri-personal; he is expansively, creatively tri-personal. The triunity of God is something that unfolds and opens out, not something that curves in and closes down on itself. God’s intrinsic relational completeness, the unimaginable eternal intimacy between the Father and the Son in the Spirit, does not exclude other relations. The unquenchable divine joy that makes creation unnecessary also makes creation possible in the first place, for the love of Father, Son, and Spirit is in no way threatened or imperiled by flowing out beyond itself into a created world. ……. God is  love, and creation itself is the wholly free outpouring of that love, in generous, gratuitous, open-handed bounty, a bounty that is infinitely hospitable not because it needs us but simply because it is itself.

Trinity on Thursday

Today I start a series of short, medium and long reflections on the wonderful Triune nature of the God of all that is – seen and unseen. This nature of God is called the Trinity.

A simple definition:

The Trinity – the eternally existing of one divine Being, existing eternally in in three persons. Each person co-eternal.


if that is something that the trinity is, then we shlould clarify what the Trinity is most definitely not.

The Trinity is not one God existing as three Gods.

The Trinity is not one divine person existing as three divine persons.


Quotable Quotes


I thank the LORD, the almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has given me life and breath and every truth and insight that I have received. He has redeemed me from the pit through Christ my Saviour, and set me on the path of eternal life. To him I give all the glory.

From the preface of Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought by Vern Sheridan Poythress (Crossway 2013)