Waxing Lyrical a day before Wednesday

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I have in the past posted a poem – on a Wednesday purely because waxing and Wednesday start with the letter W. That’s pretty much the extent of my ‘wordsmithery‘.

But today is World Poetry Day and so here is a poem on a Tuesday. A dear friend recently lost his dear Ma or Oma as he would call her. Sweetly and tenderly he shared a few things about her. I was very moved.

This poem captures something of what he shared. I dedicate this poem to my friend, his family and the LORD who now securely holds Oma.


Waving goodbye

She almost always stood at that little window

and that little woman

round in form with her heart smiling,

we her family she loved, we her family she had.

Waving goodbye we smiled back,

further down the road and

a final glance revealed, the wave continued,

her love – always lingered long on the heart

like a lighthouse

radiating light and warmth

a wave of life beckoned us in

and blessed the journey out

and now we too have been waving

in loving, holding, accompanying.

Praying as this soft woman

now leans into the end of days

her journey almost over, almost begun.

And so she is gone, we weep and wave for her now –

she journeys apart from the body,

at home in the presence of the Lord.

Her head bowed here, but lifted there

He waves and beckons

and blesses her journeys end –

the lighthouse keeper with many rooms.

For if it were not so – he would not have told her.

He would not have told us

Wave – come in come in


Original poem by Humble Donkey. This poem cannot be reproduced without the permission of the author.

Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday

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To Do

There’s to do time
and there’s time to do
and there’s do time too
but is there do their time too?

Original Poem by Humble Donkey – must not be reproduced for commercial purposes without express permission

Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday – Come by

my love

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Come by

Come by me, my love,
close, hold me to you.

Let’s stay like this, throughout the aft’
until this evening comes.

The week itself has drawn me,
left me feeling soft.

The weekend now reviving
and your heart its sweetness turns.

For the life ahead sustain me,
Walk me close to him and pray.

For the love that poured out for me,
Compelled not was the cup.

Just let the depths of our hearts,
entwine this scarlet thread.

Come by me, my love, 
your tender arms, they friend me.

Come by me, my mate,
until the morning comes.

Come by. Come by.

Original poem by Humble Donkey. This poem may be reproduced electronically for non commercial purposes, without express permission and with a link to this blog post.

Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday

Wife and Husband

Wife and husband touching base

– winter gloves and hats, in new place –

“how’s this system working out for you?”

within top drawer by the front door blue.

“Quite good  –  but could – it not be refined?

for there is a flaw within”

“Really?” comes reply with ear inclined.

“Do you not find hats and gloves snug there in?”

“Yes but only if they’re placed in there.

And that’s the weakness of your system new”

“Do explain oh special one! – eyes now rolling to a stare”

Excited, barely hesitates he – to share his crazy view –

“When Tony Stark the Iron Man lands

on the roof of his building in that Avengers band

and machines pop up, take gloves and hat.

and keeps them ready for his exit that –

will later happen when he springs to leave –

the gloves and hat are sure to cleave”

“Stop!! I’ve no idea of what you speak!”

Husband patiently repeats.

“Oh I see now”, the lightbulb glows

there is a flaw and now she knows –

“sadly, it depends on husband placing true,

the gloves and hat by the front door blue”

You are so special, my husband sure -“

says wife with warmth and heart so pure.

husband says “thank you so much -”

and extends gloved hand – for her tender touch.

Original poem by Humble Donkey. Inspired by a true conversation.

May be reproduced electronically for non-commercial purposes with a link to this blog post.

Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday

Husband to wife –

cries out in mock frustration,

“The things I absorb for love”.

“You think you are the only one who does such a thing”

says lovely, sharp as a razor, quick witted wife

“Why – you think other men have to do this also?” flies his retort

“Not others, me!”says wife.

“What are you absorbing for love?” comes his reply

“I am not telling, says she, then I wouldn’t be absorbing”

“Nice one!” says husband to wife.


An original poem by Humble Donkey.  Can be reproduced electronically without express permission so long as there is a link to this post.

Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday

Today I’m going to start a potentially short season of Waxing Lyrical on a Wednesday – a poem each Wrdnesday for as long as I can make it happen. I am not a poet but I enjoy expression through poetry. I increasingly like it as art form. To read and to write.

I have written other poems and posted them here on Humble Donkey – check the Categories on the right hand side and click Poetry to read more of them if you wish.

Also for those interested in the question who should be welcomed to the communion table at church, then check out my thoughts here The Table. Who’s it for?

SONY DSCCommunion

coming near to the coming near – communion

coming in to the incoming – communion

broken in by the inbreaking – communion

partaker in the partaking – communion

flesh remembering flesh – communion

eating and drinking remembering the eater and drinker – communion

grace received from the grace giver – communion

holy wooden table points to holy wooden cross – communion

presence with – communion

union – communion

Original poem by humbledonkey. Please feel free to publish this poem electronically, citing this humbledonkey post as the source. Thank you.