Monday Music – Classic – Resplendent

You all know that only a tiny proportion of amazing art ever gets to be appreciated by a large audience. Here’s a little known, now disbanded band called Vigilantes of Love (VOL) with the most beautiful, haunting musical visitation to the days of the dust bowls in 1930’s USA. A time when hope was a blade of grass. When the winds dying down was a promise of a brighter tomorrow. I love the agonised poetry in this song, the struggle to see the meaning and ask the big hard questions. Bill Mallonee (VOL front man and still on tour) has such a gift with words. The arrangement on this is so undertstated and cinematic in scope. Emmylou Harris helps out on vocals adding the aching cry of a woman’s heart to the whole affair.

This song is from an album called Audible Sigh. This is perhaps the most solemn of the pieces and is the stand out track on what is generally a splendid album. [Solar System; Nothing Like a Train; Extreme North of the Compass – all wonderful].

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