Good Friday – One Hanging on a Tree

The great and terrible Friday. The place where the great and terrible God of all creation judges. Where He loves. Where He mercies. Where He graces. 

All will be judged. But through the one sent from the Father, we can escape judgement and receive love, mercy and grace.

Reworking of an old John newton (1725) Hymn by the Edbrooke Collective

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Holy Week – Easter Week – Day 8 Sunday

It has been my aim this week to provide for you some stimulus for heart and mind. To capture your attention and direct it toward the most important moments in human history. Don’t be fooled this is not a week about culture, life, philosophy, post modern allegiances and religious preferences. This thing. These things – crucifixion & resurrection either happened or they didn’t. If they didn’t, then I need to wrap up this Jesus blog sharpish and start my Fat Donkey weight loss blog. [30 Posts already exist in my head]. I haven’t because I do think they did happen – in time, in history, in a place, and in front of people.

If this Jesus thing is not your bag, I hope it’s because you have considered Christianity’s truth claims and found them wanting (if so please tell me why, so I can depart this possible illusion – ). I hope it’s not because you just haven’t got round to it. The story, the reasons, the consequence of this easter week do not run like a side show soap opera. They push themselves front and centre and shout “life and all its questions are held within the life, death and resurrection of the one called Jesus of Nazareth – the eternal divine word made flesh”. Ignore at your peril. Or ignore because it’s a fantasy. There is nothing inbetween.

I am grateful the the sterling work of Justin taylor and his motley crew. Between Two Worlds is my favourite theological blog. Keep the good work up JT.

Final piece from Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds

The following video, filmed in conjunction with our book The Final Days of Jesus, features short explanations from and interviews with New Testament professors Doug Moo and Andreas Köstenberger on the importance of women being the first to discover the empty tomb and the meaning of Easter Sunday.

Holy Week. Easter Week – Day 7 Saturday

Blogging from my Kindle today and yesterday so cannot copy and paste JT’s preamble. Arghhh. Not important. This video touches on the “where was Jesus on the Saturday?”- other than in the tomb. Where was his spirit so to speak? It is an interesting question which has importance. But there is a sense of the unclear, the unknown about it in the midst of all that is now becoming clear and known. If you are the type who when watching movies or LOST (best TV show ever, ever!) for example and you are only majoring in the apparently unresolved or still veiled story lines, then you are missing the big picture. What was unclear and unknown is now clear enough to see and know.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds

Holy Week – Saturday

Holy Week – Easter – Day 5: Thursday

Reblogging the fine and valuable work of Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor Between Two Worlds

Thursday, April 2, AD 33.

The following video, filmed in conjunction with our book The Final Days of Jesus, features short explanations from and interviews with scholars Doug Moo, Nick Perrin, and Paul Maier, focusing on the background of the Passover, why Jesus and the disciples reclined at the Last Supper instead of eating at a table, and why the Jewish officials had to get Pontius Pilate involved after beginning their judicial proceedings against Jesus.

Was Jesus Crucified? Muslims think not – 600 years after the fact

Hosting this timely debate from the Muslim Debate Initiative – Was Jesus Crucified? [Spills over into the resurrection – yes? no?]. With James White vs Sami Zaatari.

Good debate. All the classic defenses and challenges are touched on and there is a lot to learn. Good to see a proper debate forum being followed. Recommended for when you’re doing the washing up. That’s when I do most of my listening. No dishwasher! Why?????