Text Tuesday 10 to 13 – The Gospels as Histories

Calling very serious christians – here is a quite academic series of talks from a very serious scholar. They are above my head but so what! I am indebted to and can confirm the advice of John Piper about reading above your level. Your level does lift over time. I can read stuff today that I couldn’t have imagined being able to engage with 5 and 10 years ago. Also while reading above your level – you do get some of the things and as you push ahead you begin to gets stuff your earlier had to gloss over.

So watching lectures is kinda’ the same deal and I encourage you to read, think and converse above your level. Big ideas under consideration are like muscles worked out in the gym. Under strain, there is growth. I certainly prefer books to running machines, though I need both.

They are all over 60 minutes so treat them like a study series and watch one a week and repeat it within the week of viewing to maximise opportunites for increased understanding.

Richard Bauckham Lecture 1 – The Gospels as Historical Biography

Richard Bauckham Lecture 2 – The Gospels as History from Below – Part 1

Richard Bauckham Lecture 3 – The Gospels as History from Below – Part 2

Richard Bauckham Lecture 4 – The Gospels as Micro History & Perspectival History


Jesus of Testimony – Must watch, Must Tell Others

If you watch the frequent Jesus exposes on the History Channel and have noticed that a Christmas and Easter can’t go by without Newsweek and Time magazine bringing the world the latest on how we’ve got everything wrong about Christianity then I really want you to take the time and watch this video. Produced with similar production values but actually taking Christianity and the New Testatment texts seriously. Tired of hearing how tiny, late fringe groups of ‘believers’ were the true christians – well you need to see this. Curious about the fact that the modern media has got such a crush on everything except the received orthodox view of things – a kind of ‘anything but that christianity’ – well you need to take the time and see this.

It’s 2 1/4 hours long.It’s talking about the most important person or fraud in history. Certainly worth giving some time to listen in on what some serious scholars have to say. Class starts in ten minutes and here’s the school bell calling all….

Christian – get to class!

Curious – welcome to class!

Sceptic – please think about coming back to class!