Leaving the faith – finding the faith – the Mormon Chapter

As a person from a religious background which had lots of truth but just the right amount of falsehood to derail and distort the truth I have always been concerned for the hearts of others who live and breath within a defined faith tradition. My heart aches for the lostness of muslims, jehovahs witnesses, mormons and many others. I empathise with their desires and comittments but I sympathise with their blindness.

truth-combined-copyHaving a faith background can be very helpful when you do encounter the true faith – in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the son of God, sent into the world by God the Father’s love and desire to rescue sinners (John 3:16). A faith background can be helpful and unhelpful in unequal measure. Growing and discipleship will involve learning and unlearning. The road out of faith and into faith will be disruptive, costly, sweet, precious and life saving. That’s a piece of my story and here’s a piece of some others story.

I came across this video of a bunch of mormon folk about two years ago. Watched it while cooking – I think I was making bagels from scratch. Their journey broke my heart with joy. These people have found the true faith – they have unlearned and they have learned. I felt close to them and the love of God in the gospel of Christ while watching it.

I do recommend you take the time (55 mins) and watch it. You will learn lots about mormons and their grace and gospel needs. Grab a coffee and take a little time to be blessed. Watch it with your small church group especially if you have active mormon missionaries in your community.